Without SIM nothing works

Such a cool gift: a new mobile phone!
Alas, whatever the young woman is trying her mobile doesn't work!
What did she miss?

Such a cool present. What a pity that it doesn't work correctly. No reception!
Maybe it's because the antenna is missing?

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Quite a few people are – like Annette Baumann in the short film – in search of an "upward" connection: through gurus, evocators, saints, by their own strength or through religion. Like Annette we invest a lot to be connected with the mobile network – and maybe God. Annette wasn't aware that the network was available the whole time. She couldn't log on because she didn't have a SIM card. The SIM card gives the mobile phone an identity within the network, the mobile cannot achieve this by itself. What about you?

Through Jesus you have an identity that connects to God. When you belong to Jesus you belong to God. You are connected and can call him "father". The bible states this very clearly: "He who rejects Jesus has no connection to God. But he who confesses Jesus is connected to God." So there's no connection to God without Jesus.

How can you contact Jesus? You can talk to him the same way you talk to a friend. It is called praying. Just tell him that you welcome him into your life.

Interview with main actor Robil Ipek

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