The Universal Mobile

Is the J-Phone Universe CLIII really useful for everything?
How do I adjust it perfectly to my needs?
This and the meaning of life you'll find in this short film.

Men never read manuals! That's probably just a cliché. It's true though that lots of things work better when you've read the proper manual.

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What about life itself? Sometimes I wish I had a manual for that too! Lots of people start into life as impatiently as Konrad Kaufmann with his new mobile. And sooner or later they'll find that things don't work out as imagined. Many fail to succeed and ask themselves: "Is this all there is?" Maybe they haven't found yet the real meaning of life?

The J-Phone Universe CLIII was "made" to get in contact and stay connected. That's similar to your life: You were created to get in contact with God and stay connected with him. That's the true meaning, that's what man was made for.

This and much more you'll find in the manual for your life: the bible. It was written by the manufacturer himself, by God who "invented" man. In it it's written how everything works. You'll find examples of how people in history found contact to God – and how you yourself can do it. Once you discover the true meaning of your life you will – like Konrad Kaufmann – experience things that seemed impossible before.

Interview with main actor Thomas Müller

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