The Trap

It's easy to get caught in a trap. Breaking free again rather not though.
How does a subscription trap concern you?

That's how fast it can happen. One moment it looks like harmless contact seeking, next you're stuck in an evil subscription trap. Suddenly you're more in debt than you can ever hope to pay back.

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It's common: I don't treat people well, sometimes just like products from Ebay. Take what I want. God warns us explicitly of attitudes harmful to us, others and our relationship to him. When we ignore them we increase our debt (sin) – often without noticing.

The bible tells us that each person carries a load of sin. The connection to God is free of charge – contracts of dubious third party providers aren't. They can cost us our connection to God. My sin hurts the relationship with God and infects relationships with others as well. Debt doesn't just go away – it has to be paid. What if the amount of debt is so high you have no chance to pay it back? Simply by living your life without God you have collected a huge debt. Everybody's the same here. The bible says: "If we claim to be without sin we lie to ourselves and reject the truth." As long as this goes unpaid our connection to God is broken.

What now? Here's God's solution: Jesus paid with his life for your sin. That's why he can offer you to release your debt, to forgive your sin. All you have to do: Tell him that you messed up and ask him to forgive you. God promises to wipe away all your sin. It takes quite an effort but it is worth it!

Interview with main actor Tobias Essinger

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