Stocks last

Free of charge – stocks last. Cool! Is there a hitch?
Only death is free of charge, isn't it? What is this all about?
And is there really enough for everyone?

Dog droppings. A tourist stupidly standing in the way. Someone speaking his mind without being asked. And finally this long queue in front of the shop. There are days you better hadn't gotten up! However what if this unbelievable offer were really true? Find out what it's all about!

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Mario Rempel, the egoist in the film, lets everyone feel his bad temper. But mobile phone vendor Jabil doesn't rebuke him. Instead he takes him by his word and puts trust in him! So Mario learns to think of others as well. Until he has to decide: to give away the last mobile or better keep it?

Same thing in relationships: Do I take center stage or does the other? Do I miss out on something if not everything revolves around me? Will I become lonely if I only care for myself? Mario learns: There's enough for him. Even when he's in a bad mood. In the end he get's what was promised. Same as any other person in this colorful line of people – young or old, poor or rich, sad or happy.

Like the provider in the film God also wants to make everybody a present. He accepts each person. No matter what you've done, where you're hiding or what excuses you might have. God's valuable and attractive present is for you. He offers a relationship not determined by egoism. Furthermore he gives eternal life. This offer includes everybody. No one is too young, too old, too poor or too rich for it. However, your personal descision is called for.

Believe in it or ignore it!

You may test God's offer.

Interview with main actor Fossi Bäumer

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