Man, pick up the phone!

He keeps calling. In all kinds of situations.
An unknown number. Who is it and what does he want?
At some point you want to know...

Elisa is doing fine. She doesn't want to be troubled. However calls from a stranger keep on bothering her. She doesn't know who he is nor what he wants. He's just bothering me – she seems to know. He keeps on calling her number but she doesn't pick up the phone until...

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Like in the short film someone wants to contact you in all kinds of situations. Not by mobile. But noticeably. Someone who cares for you – even if he seems to just bother you at first: God. He keeps calling you. 

He's not high above looking down on you. He's close to you, wants to interact – personally! That's why he keeps calling. Some people "push" him away – like Elisa. They distract themselves. They ignore him. However what hinders you to just "answer the phone" next time?

Elisa doesn't know the caller – no wonder if she ignores him totally.

Maybe you feel weird suddenly answering after you pushed him away for so long. Maybe your history with him goes back a while. God is patient. He promises to totally forget your rejection if you finally let him come close.

It's always good to talk to God! Even if you don't quite know yet what to say.

Jabil, the mobile phone vendor, knew the caller and encouraged Elisa to answer the phone. You only know God from hearsay? Here's your chance to get to know God personally. Ask someone who already lives with God! You can also contact the goCon team.

God really means you, he wants to contact you!

Man – pick up the phone!

Interview with director Andreas Bartels

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