Just Heavenly

The best contract ever! Livelong. All rates without restrictions, absolutely free.
What kind of contract is this and where to get it?

Cool! You found a good deal for a mobile phone. Everything looks perfect. Only you cannot make a call. Screwed! Even with an awesome mobile.

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To quickly buy this low priced mobile phone. You got to make this deal! That's a matter of trust. But then: The mobile doesn't work. Pure frustration. Can you still get the perfect contract after all? Same thing in life: Man is in search of "Him". Consciously or unconsciously everybody is looking for God. In a lot of religion sold to us the most important aspect is missing though. It promises to satisfy the yearning for God but in reality never comes close to him.

God himself makes a heavenly offer: A flat-rate without restrictions. Contact is always possible! There's no time limit with God. He is always available. And everything's free – without any hidden costs.

Try it: Are you not sure whether this whole business with God, Jesus and Heaven is really true? You can test it anytime if you're earnest. Let God suprise you.

You can resign anytime: God doesn't force anyone's luck! You can resign God's offer but be assured: Once you experienced it you won't want to miss it again! And what's more – for you it's totally free! You don't have to correct your deeds and things that stand between you and God because he's doing that himself. You don't have to pay because he paid for it already.

Don't buy half grown things! God is offering you the very best. That's heaven on earth!
You want to know how you can conclude this contract? You need more info? Talk to someone who knows more about it... write us an email or visit a church nearby, where people can answer your questions.

Interview with main actor Timo Doetsch

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