DVD plus 25 fan cards

A set of "The Flatrate" – a gift to give away or keep for yourself.

"The Flatrate"-Set

There a lots of parallels between faith and mobile communications which are portrayed in "The Flatrate", a series of short films made by VisioM. They are designed to provoke thoughts about the Christian faith. You can order the set with a DVD and 25 fan cards for 5 Euro plus postage.


  • Seven short films (max. 3 min. each) about parallels between faith and mobile communications
  • Interviews with actors and participants
  • Subtitles in 16 languages
  • Challenging questions about the Christian faith
  • Extensive materials and extras
  • Reversable DVD-sleeve


The Fan Cards

  • Easy to use in a bakery, pedestrian area, in personal conversations
  • Reference to www.goCon.eu
  • Business card format
  • Looks like a mobile
  • Info where to order the DVD
  • QR-code


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