Download original film pictures, posters and the short films.

goCon Poster

Download the shop posters from the short films (in A4). Contact us if you'd like to use printed posters in A2:

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App screens for your mobile

The Shaver-App or the Bottle opener-App on you mobile? No problem. Download these and other apps here. For a good shaving we asume no liability. ;-)

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Seven short films of "The Flatrate"

The short films of the "Flatrate"-series are only available for download in German as they were produced in German and not dubbed in English. If you need the films with English subtitles you can:

Watch the short films online - subtitled in 16 languages

Order the short films on DVD - all short films on one DVD, subtitled in 16 languages plus bonus material

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You can watch the short films yourself or with friends. If you'd like to show them in public - for example in your local church - please contact us in advance. Public performance is free of charge but we'd like to know where our short films are being shown.