Pimp Your Mobile

How you can pimp your mobile and other almost serious tips

Improve your reception!

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You might turn to the network provider of your confidence when you're not satisfied with the reception of your mobile or when you cannot make a call at all. Or you follow our new and innovative instructions to improve reception. You'll need a standard drill and an old radio or car antenna. The longer the antenna the better the reception. Here you can download the instruction manual and not only improve your reception but also create a very unique mobile.

Or you can try a SIM card.

(Caution: Don't try yourself!)

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Climb high up.

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No reception is annoying. If you didn't succeed with our instructions above (which wouldn't surprise us at all) here's some further advice: Climbing a ladder step by step might help to increase the reception display bar by bar. If this doesn't help climb a mountain or ask people living in a multi-storied house whether you could visit their flat. By wagging your mobile around wildly you'll catch more radio waves. Like that you'll not only improve the reception greatly but also meet interesting people and make new friends. Just maybe.

Keep pushing lots of keys shouting "Hello?"

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What always helps against bad reception is pushing buttons on the keypad wildly. Probably there are lots of studies about that. However we're sure: So many people are pushing keys wildly if something doesn't work – this has to be THE solution. Otherwise no one would do it. Screaming at the device supposedly helps, too. Or pushing a single key extra hard. Just try it. And if you're already an experienced user tell us how it worked.