This is your "provider"

We don't know how you found this website. Somehow the provider brought it to your attention.
Look around and get to know the one provider who really deserves this name.

He is waiting...

The premium mobile

J-Phone Universe CLIII – Can do absolutely anything!

The mobile phone generations of users had to wait for. And will have to wait further.

Unique features: 

  • Intuitive usability
  • To be used as lawn mower, mixer or printer (additional apps necessary)
  • With extensive manual
  • The insider tip of the next CEBIT.
    Or the one after the next. Maybe.

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To order

  • Seven Flatrate shorts
  • Extensive additional material
  • Subtitles in 16 languages  
  • Much food for thinking
  • To give away

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  • To give away, distribute, put on display
  • With link to the Flatrate shorts
  • Business card format

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