Simply testing the contract...

You can cancel any time – you won't want to though.

Jabil Malacho makes a bold statement towards his customer. God is committed to it though: You can really test the contract he's offering. And you surely can cancel it any time. Whenever you like. Try it, put him to the test ad libitum. God's offer is strong enough. We guess you'll stick to it – when you give it a serious try.

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If you decide to test God's offer you might try the options below. The trial contract doesn't bind you forever because God is not in need of forcing anyone closer to him. He gives you the freedom to decide how much and for how long you want to communicate with him.

Contract details at a glance:

  • Acquisition fee: 0,- €
  • Monthly fees: 0,- €
  • Cost of calls: 0,- €
  • Restrictions on volume: none
  • Minimum duration: none
  • Maximum term: eternal


God offers you a personal relationship with him. He knows you because he created you. You don't have to be super perfect. Just come as you are. It's not about religion, other people's opinions or the membership of a church. It is solely about God and you.

You can contact God any time. He listens to you when you're talking to him. And you can talk to him like you'd talk to a friend. You don't have to bring anything or to accomplish anything special – there truly is no acquisition fee with God.

God doesn't require a monthly fee. He's not after your money and anybody who tells you otherwise is wrong. You just have to invest a little trust – another word for faith – to earnestly test the contract. There are no monthly fees.

It'll cost you a little time to talk to God. It's worth it though, God is always on the line. Cost for calls: 0,- €

There are things standing between you and God. In the bible this is called sin. Sin is when you harm someone or act against another of God's commands which he put in place to help us lead a successful life. The good news is someone already paid for your transgression: That's why Jesus Christ, the son of God, died at the cross. So the line to God is always open. With full power, without any volume restriction.

God doesn't force anyone to stay with him. If you want to you can end the relationship. There is no minimum duration of contract.

God not only promises a relationship here on earth. He also offers life after death. So there truly is an eternal maximum term.


Maybe you're unsure how to react or just curious. In any case it's worthwhile to take closer interest in God's offer. When you're unsure you're welcome to contact us personally and we'll try to answer your questions:

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