Conclusion of Contract

An unbeatable offer. Only with God – the only true provider – you'll find this eternal all-encompassing contract. Let's start here – it's simple and straightforward:

Here you'll find how to accept God's unbeatable offer and to contact him. If you're serious about it you can talk to God like you'd talk to a friend.

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In "The Trap" only the provider was able to release the debt that Sascha had accumulated. The latter fell into the subscription trap – without wanting to. Same thing between man and God: Our sin – that we often accumulate without actively pursuing it – seperates us from God. The good news: You can get rid of it because someone has paid for it already: Jesus Christ.

Second good news: God likes to contact you. He isn't just an abstract idea that floats through space. God is tangible and alive. He wants a relationship with mankind. That's why he keeps calling as in "Man, pick up the phone!" I'm sure he already contacted you, too. Maybe it's time to answer him? Maybe it's time for you to accept his heavenly offer? The offer that lasts for all. Maybe it's time to make a clean sweep.

Simply tell God what you're thinking. What bothers you. Talk to him like you would to a friend. Use your own words. If you need help you might use the following example of how to contact God:

God, I understand that I accumulated sin. I did things you dislike and failed to do things I should have done. I ask for your forgiveness. Please be in authority of my life from now on. Thank you for paying for my sin through Jesus Christ. This offer I want to accept now!
Please come into my life and renew me. Thank you for doing so.

When you seriously prayed this you're now a child of God. Wow – that's true! And it's the beginning of a journey. You probably won't understand everything that's written in the bible straight away nor unravel all mysteries of Christianity. We're happy that you decided in favour of a life with God and will gladly help you to make the next steps. Every Christian is still on his way, that's why we need each other. Look for a local church where you find people to read the bible with and to get to know God further. We'd like to help you with that. Or send us your personal questions and we'll try to answer them:

If you coudln't or didn't want to pray the prayer above just let the content of this page sink in some more. God won't impose on you. However if you keep looking for him he'll let himself be found. In reality it is him looking out for you. For more information feel free to contact us or have a look at

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