Who we are

Here you'll find why this website exists, who is behind goCon.eu
and what is worth more than a lottery prize.

We are Christians who are convinced that a relationship with Jesus is more valuable than a lottery jackpot, a new car or a world tour. And you don't even have to invest money. This first prize is available for everybody and we want to make sure you have the opportunity to decide in favor of – or against – it. Everybody should hear about it. You, too. That's why we created this website.

As others are thrilled about their greatest experiences we are excited about Jesus Christ. So we probably do the same you are doing when something excites you: we talk about it. With this website we try to describe the sometimes quite complicated topics of Christian faith in a simple manner: as an analogy to the world of mobile communications. We hope you'll find that interesting.

We encourage you to look around and watch some of the short films to see whether the site grabs your attention. It was important to us to present the topics not in a bone dry manner. Or patronizing. Therefore you'll find profound thoughts as well as some fun elements.

Technically speaking "we" is the team of VisioM, a Christian organization. Our goal is to talk about Jesus, revive interest in the Christian faith and help others do the same. We belong to different local churches but feel united in our belief in Jesus and our common work for VisioM. We want to spread the Gospel in attractive ways because it is the very best message in the world. We simply cannot keep it to ourselves.

We'd be happy if you returned from your discovery tour through goCon.eu encouraged and with new insight. Let us hear your stories!

The goCon.eu-Team