Company History of goCon

Family business with motivated staff

Behind goCon there is an unconventional founder who has a special relationship to his customers. In other words: goCon was called into existence as a family business by a creator. Therefore since the beginning of the world goCon stands for "good connections" to a good creator. Together with his son he's leading the business and will do so eternally much to the delight of the staff. It's difficuilt to tell how many there are because the number grows daily.

goCon has the ultimate target group: The offer is relevant and custom-tailored to anybody. The staff is as colorful as the target group: Not perfect but always directly connected to the business. Engaged with heart and soul, open for discussions, convinced of the products and in constant dialog with the creator. There's no age limit for staff, everybody can work for goCon until life ends – and further. No one is forced to though.

Business development until today

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goCon has developed constantly since the modification of terms and conditions while the creator's offer hasn't changed. Through the years subsidiaries and branches evolved. While having absolute authority the creator gives his managers, staff and in fact everybody the freedom to decide for themselves what is right or wrong. This lead in some areas to a dilution of the core message so that quite a few staff members didn't act according to the corporate identity working against the creator's will. However prospect customers shouldn't be put off by that for the creator's initial offer remains the same: an eternal flatrate free of charge.

This flatrate with eternal connectivity and freedom from debt the creator offers you, too. You can join it. Have a look around this website to discover what the creator has in store for you personally. While you might have had bad experiences with some of the staff the creator will never disappoint you. Get in contact with the junior director to find out how this may change your life.

Enjoy! And best wishes from (a few) staff members of goCon. :-)

Photo poster: using a photo by Benjamin Thorn,